Evolution Business Solutions LLC is a US-based company, registered in New York, dedicated to advising and supporting companies and projects in optimizing their resources and seamlessly implementing technology into their current business model. Through this process, a new line of business is identified, recognizing that the integration of new technologies and digital culture, coupled with evolving consumer habits in today's markets, presents new opportunities to further leverage the implementation of digital transformation among our clients. This enhancement in turn amplifies profitability and strengthens business operations by adapting to contemporary market demands across various industries worldwide.

Based on your company's specific requirements, our specialized team will provide guidance, assisted by Artificial Intelligence, to swiftly create an operational plan for optimizing your profits.


Transformation (Spain), Specialist in Management and Project Direction (Spain). MBA from the International University of La Rioja (Spain). Diploma in Leadership (USA). Technician in Analysis and Design of Systems (Colombia).

Some courses at Platzi: How to Talk to Your Users and Validation Techniques, Prompt Engineering with ChatGPT, Technology for Managers and Directors. Professional Foundations of Software Development by Microsoft & LinkedIn.

In the creative artistic field: Event Producer, Music Producer for Velo de Oza, Voting Member of the Latin Grammys, Diploma in Cinematic Direction and Diploma in Cinematic Production (Colombia).

Frank Forero

CEO & Founder

New York City (US)

Senior Java Developer specialized in integrating Artificial Intelligence with Salesforce. Led the development of Java and Spring Boot microservices to establish a middleware layer enabling interaction between Python-based AI systems and Salesforce through an event-driven architecture. Skilled in implementing advanced logic for complex data processing and route optimization using AWS Kinesis and MongoDB, along with Salesforce API integration.

Possesses extensive knowledge in programming and frameworks such as Java and Spring Boot, cloud computing, database management (MongoDB, Neo4j), and cloud storage services (AWS). Demonstrated ability to develop complex algorithms and middleware solutions enhancing decision-making efficiency and talent management.

Expert in merging technologies, facilitating the integration of Artificial Intelligence systems with business platforms like Salesforce, contributing to process optimization and data-driven decision-making. This approach has led to significant improvements in talent management and operational efficiency through advanced technological solutions.

Luciano Izquierdo


Buenos Aires (Ar)

Industrial Designer with Master's degrees in Entrepreneurship and Innovation (URV-Spain), and Data Analysis for Economics and Business (UIB-Spain). In the field of innovation, experience in coordinating agents within territorial science and technology ecosystems for the development of innovation projects. In the data area, experience in data analysis and visualization in the customer service area.

I enjoy analyzing, visualizing, and discovering valuable information with various tools such as Tableau, Data Studio, Power BI, Python, and SQL. I believe that creativity and innovation are the most powerful tools for the transformation of organizations at both public and private levels. I consider that the generation of knowledge and collaborative, data-based decision-making are the foundation of project success.

German Puentes


Barcelona (ES)


224 W 35th St Ste 500 #119 New York, NY 10001